How to stand out as a contractor

If you’re a small business owner in a contracting industry, you know it’s up to you to provide the best of the best in services to your clients.

But what about gaining new customers? It’s vital that you stand out from the competition. But how can you let them know that you’re the best choice? It’s important to make your mark on the local business landscape.

Positioning yourself as the local expert is simple if you’re using the right resources, and that’s where IMG Complete comes in.

We get it. Your current and future clients want straight talk and information they can understand. Even more, they need it in a format that’s accessible, memorable, and shareable.

There’s only one medium that solves for all of these needs at once – Target Marketing Campaigns Lead by Video. Statistics show that video gains and retains more attention from viewers than any other advertising format.

At IMG Complete, we specialize in creating custom videos that connect with the viewer by showcasing your company’s value and convincing them to choose you over “the other guys.”

Check out this video we made for our friends at Comfort Pro Air and Heat – it’s eye-catching, memorable, and effectively tells the story of their expertise.

Don’t get left behind-

Don’t rely on static ads to convince customers that you’re the right choice. Invest in video content that showcases your awesome work!