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How It Works

How It Works


  • Conduct Initial Consultation

  • Develop Project Timeline 

  • Identify Key Messages and Target Audience

  • Create Storyboard

  • Develop Script 

  • Plan and Coordinate Shoot 

  • Funnel Development


  • Conduct Video & Photography Shoots

  • Select and Edit Content

  • Integrate Voiceover and Music

  • Set up Custom Target Audience 

  • Create Ad Layouts/ Copy

  • Automate Funnel



  • Run Ads to a Targeted Audience Across all Selected Platforms


  • Run Re-Targeting Ads to Users Who Engage With Initial Content 


  • Daily Ad-Monitoring to Track Progress Toward Campaign Objectives 

  • Monthly Reporting

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Still Photography
Listing Photos

Once our media team creates all of the visual assets, we hand them over to our social media team to deploy to the desired targeted audience via online paid ads.

With a $2.25 Million listing price, a successful campaign consists of SEVERAL layers of ads to truly convey context for the targeted audience. 

In the campaign below, the goal was to create a buzz for a waterfront listing during the renovation stage before it hit the market for sale.

Layer #1
Renovation Walkthrough 

Layer #2
New Listing Coming Soon 

Layer #3
New Listing Coming Soon 

Layer #4
Broker's Open / VIP Reveal Promotion 

Layer #5
Broker's Open / VIP Recap Video 

Layer #6
She-Shed Explainer Mini-Video 

Layer #7
Front Yard Explainer Mini-Video 

Layer #8
Backyard Explainer Mini-Video 

Layer #9
Going Live Listing Walkthrough Video 

Still Photography
Listing Photos

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