Real Estate Marketing

Realtors everywhere are starting to understand the importance of a solid online presence. Your occasional post on Facebook or spending hundreds of dollars a month on something that disappears the second you stop paying is a thing of the past.

People in 2017 want to connect and feel an emotional bond to a purchase. With information so readily available and fluent online browsers being born every day, standing out is more important than ever. What makes YOU different from everyone else selling the same thing?

Welcome to the COMPLETE approach to Real Estate Marketing by IMG. Our team emphasizes the importance of highlighting the individual or company selling the asset in addition to the property itself. We also preach the importance of “layers” and “traction” when implementing a real estate marketing campaign.


Again, an occasional post on your go-to social media platform just isn’t going to cut it these days. You need more! And you need more on a consistent basis. This is where many real estate professionals fall off, especially the lone wolf agent who juggles to do it all.

IMG Complete Real Estate Marketing is built off of layers. We customize a Website Landing Page that serves as the hub of every campaign deployed. Your website holds all of your content, from Realtor/Company overview videos to featured listings. Your website is an isolated source of information; leverage that fact and take advantage by standing out in a unique manner.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Now that you have a squeaky-clean website with awesome videos and listings, you now need eyes to see it. This is where Target Marketing comes in to play. IMG Complete customizes marketing campaigns that target browsers that show favor in the products and services you offer. In your case, real estate-related services.

Who has money to waste marketing to those not looking to buy? Our social media target marketing campaigns can focus on those individuals who show signs of wanting to buy or sell. We hit these individuals with layers of ads (spearheaded with videos and images captured by our team) promoting your “Stand Out” real estate brand. When the ads are clicked, the browser is funneled into your website where strategically spring-loaded content awaits.


Still listing on those big-name MLS sites? Hey, we’re not knocking your hustle but answer this… Once you stop paying, what happens to your marketing investment to that company? Welcome to IMG Complete Traction Marketing. This is the concept wrapped around the notion of your marketing working for you, forever. That’s right, pay for it once and just like real estate, the value of the marketing medium increase in value over time.

Take an annual, 12 video real estate library for example. This is a perfect platform for you, a realtor or agency to showcase the unique personality of your brand. Give real estate tips, showcase stunning properties or even play with your dog on camera and watch the connection factor go through the roof. The traction element comes in to play two years down the road when another interested customer stumbles across your video library and instantly connects to your STAND OUT brand identity.

So, in closing, doing one thing to promote your business does not work. You need layers: Websites, videos, social media ads, email marketing and blogging. These layers only work if you are consistent. Sound overwhelming yet? No worries, luckily you have a team of marketing professionals located right up the road from you off I-95. They will build you a custom, complete marketing plan that you can afford all wrapped up in to one low, monthly payment.

We are here for you, the real estate professionals.